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This section will answer the most frequenlty asked question about our service. If you can’t find you answers here please don’t hesitate to chat with us, we’re always online.

What is the Volt Program?

We launched this program to dedicate our time and expertise to help you with your job search. The best way to achieve this is to help you secure as many interviews as possible.

How do you help me secure interviews?

We aggregate and monitor open job positions from over a dozen sources. Our experts help you apply to jobs that fit your criteria and also help you follow-up with employers multiple times, helping you secure an interview in the process.

Do you charge for interviews?

No absolutely not, our fee covers using our platform to automatically find, apply and follow-up on job applications for you, it might also include resume writing and interview coaching if required. This increases your chances of securing more interviews, thus leading to a job.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No, we're strictly a technology platform that helps our users with their job search by automating most of the tedious job search processes.

How many interviews will I get?

While we cannot guarantee how many interviews each person will get from using our services. We’ve seen on average applicants receiving 3-7 interviews.

How long before I get my first interview?

Most of our candidates start seeing results within a couple of weeks of using our services.

What is a potential interview?

This is when we’ve applied to a decent amount of jobs that reaching out to employers on your behalf might lead to a potential interview.

What is a success fee?

This is a commission between 9-15% recruiters take from your first year base salary. Since we're not recruiters, we don't charge any success fees.

More questions?

If you still have questions we’ve not been able to answer, Please chat with one of your agents below.